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Take action to overturn Citizens United

The Supreme Court's decisions in cases like Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FEC undermine our democracy by granting powerful corporations and wealthy donors unfettered influence in our political process, drowning out the voices of ordinary voters.

I join millions of other Americans in urging you to support and PASS a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon and curtail the influence of big money in politics.


For the health of our democracy, it’s time to put a stop to the corrosive influence of big money in politics!

We need your help to gather five million signatures in support of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United and take back our democracy from corporations and the 1%. So far 3.5 million people have signed and we need 1.5 million more signatures by this tomorrow, so don’t delay!

Economic inequality is on the rise and big money in politics makes it worse. Corporations and the 1% don’t represent our interests or our values, yet Citizens United means that it’s their money and their voices that carry the weight in Washington.

The good news is, we can do something about it. We know that real change comes from everyday people. Everyday people like you and me who are willing to stand up against the elite and demand justice for our families, our neighbors, and our communities.

Thank you!

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